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Owner Randy Largent has over 20 years experience in the paint and stain industry of Western North Carolina. As a second generation painter, Randy learned the trade from his father who painted for 47 years. The lessons learned from an earlier generation where colors were often mixed at the job site have molded Randy into a well rounded painting and staining specialist who takes great pride in his impeccable work, extensive product knowledge and customer satisfaction.

Randy and daughter Heaven on the job


"I started painting with my dad when I was 9 years old."

Randy was surrounded by paint from a young age. His father was a professional painter and wallpaper hanger for 47 years. His experience led him to the artistic side of the business and he spent years working with artists and custom murals. This combination of artistry and hard work has found its way to the next generation in Randy.


Randy began painting and learning from his father at age nine. And after graduating highschool, he decided to continue the painting legacy by starting work at Sherwin Williams and attending Sherwin Williams University. Randy spent 10 years with the Sherwin Williams University learning the intricate details of products and their proper applications. This training has made him an expert on paints and stains and gives him a considerable advantage in his field.


"I am truly blessed to have been a part of Sherwin Williams and will always be thankful for their support."


A testement to Randy's professionalism, and of Sherwin Williams as a company, is that when Randy decided to start his own painting business, his bosses were extremely supportive and proud of his decision. Their solid relationship continues to this day, only now Randy is a contractor client who uses and reports on products.



"Largent Custom Painting is definitely a family business. Some of my empolyees have been with me for  14  years."

Working in the same industry in the same region for 20 years has its advantages. Randy knows and has long term relationships with many industry leaders in the area. But he prides himself on the fact that Largent Custom Painting is a family affair. His staff is dotted with family members, whether on the job site or behind the scenes. And the consistent work and low turnover allows Randy to have a well trained and efficient staff. In fact, some of his employees have worked with him for 14 years.



"My supportive family has made all of this possible and I work hard to make them proud."


Randy lives in Western North Carolina with his wife, Denise and two girls, Heaven and Nevaeh. When not painting the family spends most of their time in the outdoors exploring the natural beauty of this area. Whether hiking, rafting, kayaking or fly fishing, they can usually be found outdoors and together.


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