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At Largent Custom Painting we pride ourselves on making the tough jobs appear easy. The difference between a Largent paint or stain job and a lesser quality job lies within the preperation of surfaces and extensive knowledge of materials. Our mountain environment can degrade improper or poorly applied paints and stains quickly, so it is important that you protect your investment and have the right people handling your project. Largent Custom Painting has 20 years of experience in the paint and stain industry in Western North Carolina, and we truly enjoy educating our clients on paints and stains, so you can rest assured we have you covered.


Largent Custom Painting can handle your entire log cabin stain job or rehabilitate any surface large or small. 

As second generation painters, we specialize in paint and have the tools and talents to handle the tough jobs.

Having trouble with a tricky surface, not sure what to do in a room, we are paint and surface experts ready to help.

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